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Herbs have been used in China for over 5,000 years. In this huge expanse of time, practitioners gained skill in creating formulas to treat disease states and maintain health. Since modern illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease were not yet understood, Chinese physicians were, and still are, trained to identify patterns of illness. Patient…
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This is another very old form of medicine. Many of the Egyptian pharoah’s tombs contained gallons of oils, still good under the top dried layer, after 2,000 years! Essential  oils are basically the “blood” of a plant. High quality oils are generally steam distilled or pressed to extract the oil. Poor quality oils are extracted…
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This medicine was created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a physician, in the mid- 1800’s. The “remedies” are made from very diluted versions of plants, mineral and other natural substances. The basis for homeopathy is that “like treats like”.  So the original substance would create a certain set of symptoms in a  healthy individual, but the…
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The old saying “you are what you eat” is so true, especially in today’s world. Throughout human history, our dog and cat companions thrived on hunted prey and scraps from human tables. Since the introduction of processed pet food in the 1950’s, animal health and longevity has declined. Of course, other factors such as pollution,…
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These very gentle medicines are made from the water in which certain flowers have rested in the sun (doesn’t THAT sound voodoo?!).  They can be especially helpful to address emotional/ behavioral problems like pushiness, fears and phobias, grief, hyperactivity.   The remedies can be given by mouth, in drinking water, topically or even sprayed in you…
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