Appointments / Fees

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Patients are seen at River Valley Veterinary Service in Prior Lake. The first visit is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Appointments can be made by contacting the clinic (952-447-4118), or by visiting their website (

Please call Dr. Lund (Cathy) at her home business line (952- 469- 8567) if you have any questions.


Records need to be emailed ( or faxed (952-447-4113) at least 2 day before your first visit. Please ask your clinic to send:

• Doctor’s exam notes for the last 1 year (or most recent year)
• Last vaccine dates
• Last heartworm test date (dogs)
• Most current notes from any specialists seen
• Most recent lab work


At your pets FIRST VISIT please bring:

• Diet and treat labels
• Current medication, supplements
• A favorite toy!

At this initial visit, you and Cathy will review your pet’s medical history, diet, current treatments, also discuss vaccines, heartworm, flea and tick options. Dr. Lund will perform an exam and after hearing your concerns, you and she will work together to create a treatment plan for your animal friend. This often involves the use of Chinese herbal formulas, whole food supplements, and sometimes a change of diet.


Follow up

Rechecks (45 minutes) for medical cases are done every 4 weeks at first, then less often as we see improvement. Healthy pets are seen 1-2 X per year. In certain situations, a phone consultation may replace the office recheck.


First visit $200
Follow up $80
Phone consultations $50/30 minutes

Discounts are given for multiple pets seen at the same exam , 2nd and subsequent pets in the family, etc. Ask Dr. Lund.