natural medicine

This medicine was created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a physician, in the mid- 1800’s. The “remedies” are made from very diluted versions of plants, mineral and other natural substances. The basis for homeopathy is that “like treats like”.  So the original substance would create a certain set of symptoms in a  healthy individual, but the homeopathic version (diluted and “energized” by mixing) would treat  those same symptoms in a  sick individual , properly prescribed.

An example of a homeopathic would be Arnica Montana, a plant that grows in mountainous areas. Mountain goats, prone to falling on occasion, were seen to chew this plant after a fall. Humans who have suffered a trauma report that Arnica helped alleviate tenderness and bruising . One oddity of homeopathy is that the further the substance is diluted, the more powerful the remedy!

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