The old saying “you are what you eat” is so true, especially  in today’s world. Throughout human history, our dog and cat companions thrived on hunted prey and scraps from human tables. Since the introduction of processed pet food in the 1950’s, animal health and longevity has declined. Of course, other factors such as pollution, poor breeding and sedentary lifestyles likely play a  role as well.

Moving towards a less processed, more fresh diet will approximate the “prey diet” your dog or cat was designed to eat. Commercial raw/cooked diets can often be used as a diet base, while food supplements are helpful to fill in any dietary gaps and target nutrition towards a certain organ or disease process. Check out

Food  sensitivities are fairly common in animals, and can cause chronic nausea, soft stools, skin and ear problems, even seizures and asthma in some cases. Identifying and avoiding these foods often helps symptoms improve.


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