Kalypso is my yellow Labrador Retriever. We celebrated her 12th birthday on May 4th and I feel incredibly fortunate to have done so.
I adopted Kali at 1 ½ years of age. She was healthy and active all her life with me. We spent lots of our time together in Obedience, Rally, and Agility classes and competitions. Kali was also good at entertaining herself - up north at the cabin. She would nose the Wubba Kong off the dock, letting the waves take it away, and jumping in to retrieve. She would do this for HOURS at a time…


Until July 10, 2015. On this day, after a few short minutes of dock entertainment, I saw her collapsed on the shore. Her legs sprawled out, head buried in the grass, her breathing was short and irregular. 15 minutes passed, and her condition was unchanged. She wasn’t whining or agitated, but her breathing was still labored. Minutes later I packed her into the truck and was on my way to find a vet. I found an emergency clinic and rushed her in. She was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia. The vet explained a shot of Lidocaine was needed – it would either regulate her heartbeats back to normal, or stop her beating heart. I was fortunate that it regulated the beats, and she was saved, for now. She was placed on an IV of Lidocane to keep her stabilized. He advised we leave immediately for the Twin Cities to see a Cardiologist at the UofM Veterinarian Emergency clinic. He wished us luck and cautioned she might not make it through the 3 hour drive. Upon arrival at the U, after an echocardiogram, it was determined she had myocarditis (heart inflammation) that needed to be addressed. Her troponin levels were greatly elevated.


We had frequent visits to the UofM in the next 5 months. She was tested for anything and everything. Blood work, toxoplasma tests, tick disease tests, multiple heart monitoring sessions, aspiration of lymph nodes, and an ultrasound to name a few. With any increased level of activity, her heart would go into the arrhythmia. She was lethargic, and had gained a long list of new issues - weak rear legs, excessive panting, hair loss, coughing, urinary incontinence, swollen lymph nodes, and many more. The craziest issue was periodically, Kalypso’s head would feel REALLY hot when you pet her, but she wouldn’t be panting! Her x-rays showed bright spots on her spleen, biopsy showed nothing. She was on a handful of meds - Sotolol, Prednizone, Doxycycline, Mexiletine. There was no understanding of why Kalyspo collapsed, what caused her heart arrhythmia or myocarditis. It was at this time I felt we were losing her battle, all tests were exhausted. Kalypso had lost almost 15 pounds in December so her Cardiologist pulled all her medication. I now needed to prevent her from dying of malnutrition. I needed a new plan.


My new plan came in the name of Holistic Veterinary Care – aka Dr. Cathy Lund. Holistic vet? Really? Magic Fairy Dust? Hmmm, I was skeptical. I was intrigued with the idea that Dr. Lund might be able to provide answers to Kalypso’s heart issues, along with all the other crazy changes her body was experiencing. My first consultation with Dr. Lund was via phone on Dec 14. Dec 15 I took Kalypso for a physical examination with Dr. Lund. She was so genuinely concerned, she wanted to help, she did help. After asking about all the symptoms, she explained a bit about Chinese medicines and theories. She diagnosed a lack of blood flow to be the root of all Kalypso’s ailments, suspect of tick disease, but she had been tested for tick disease. I learned there are many more types of tick disease than the 3 Kalypso was tested for back in July. We left that first appointment with Cardio-Plus, Thymex, and Spleen supplements, as well as the Harmonize the Qi Chinese herb and a plan for blood work to be sent to special Tick Lab in North Carolina. In February, we received negative readings on the blood work for tick detection. The issue with some of these rare tick diseases is that the medical labs haven’t completed development on the testing to always get appropriate detection of the ailment. Dr. Lund went the extra mile and reached out to the PhD that ran the lab. The two of them consulted and decided it was in Kalypso’s best interest to be treated for Bartonella Tick Disease. This required a combination of antibiotics to battle the disease. She was placed on Doxycycline and Baytril for 4 weeks.


All during the time Kalypso saw Dr. Lund, her condition was improving. Her energy levels were increasing, her incontinence was gone, she stopped shedding in clumps…. We were moving in a better direction!!! The antibiotics gave her a big advantage, but so did the supplements and herbs. We saw continued, great improvements in Kalypso’s condition from Jan-April. She regained about 80% of herself back, and I continue to see small signs of her coming back to the dog she was almost a year ago.


Over the past few months, Dr. Lund continues to perfect Kalypso’s dosages of supplements and herbs. Her dedication has never wavered, I feel quite blessed to have found this “magical” holistic vet. I look back a year ago, remembering my hopes to hold on to Kali through the summer months of 2015. I watch Kalypso this summer, swimming our shoreline, appreciating every moment I have with her, and knowing that it’s all to the credit of Dr. Lund. Her knowledge, expertise, concern and care she exhibits to her clients (both human and furry) are unwavering. I will be forever grateful for her ability to return Kalypso’s to a healthy state.

Kathi S.

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Lund over the last couple years. Not only is my “fear” dog much less fearful but she has given me many tips for my own health! I train dogs so have many different dogs going through my house and any time issues have come up with their health, she has exceeded my expectations in helping me through the problem. Dr. Lund is so comfortable to work with that I consider her not just our vet but a friend!

Bev D.

When our beloved pets hurt; we hurt! How wonderful - and rare - to find a Veterinarian who not only understands our pets' physical and emotional health - but is compassionate, understanding and supportive of us humans. What a gift!


Dr. Cathy Lund combines her extensive experience in Western Veterinary medicine with her enlightened Eastern Medicine training and perspective - to achieve a unique and most desirable blend of the very best care and insight possible. Her compassionate heart not only understands the concerns of a Pet Parent - she shares them. She lets you know that she also aches when they ache and even uses the sometimes silly words and phrases that we doting animal lovers use to describe their behaviors, personalities and "outcomes".


In addition to keeping our "babies" comfortable and healthy, Dr. Cathy is very pro-active and practical. I've learned more about Kitty Care - the How, the Why and What to Look Out For - in the past year than during my (long!) life of kitty-ownership! Thanks to her, my kitties (Undisclosed Number!!!) will live longer, healthier lives - and so will I!!!! We LOVE Dr. Cathy!

Barbara T.

Dr. Lund is an exceptional vet in that she has deep knowledge of multiple disciplines of animal medicine and great instincts in supporting animals to live a healthy and vibrant life. She has supported my cats through allergies and digestive issues through accurate diagnosis and treatment plans over time.

One thing I especially appreciate about Dr. Lund is her communication via email and desire to make her services as supportive and convenient as possible for pet owners and pets.