I highly recommend Dr. Cathy Lund! My oldest cat Bailey had been diagnosed with beginning stages of hyperthyroid, and I decided to get a second opinion for treating him in a more holistic way. She recommended supplements and Chinese herbs along with many tips on feeding him, and within a short amount of time, his symptoms went away and his thyroid levels dropped to the normal range. She continues to monitor him, and has also treated my other cat Chloe with her irritable bowel symptoms. Her thorough examinations, tender loving care of my cats, great customer service and excellent follow up are only a few of the reasons why I trust her to care for my cats!

Bunny H.

My dog, Susie (a pomeranian) saw Dr. Lund for a variety of health concerns, including: collapsed/ bulged disc space in her neck/spine, colitis, and seasonal asthma. I took her to see Dr. Lund after western medicine provided all it could for Susie. Dr. Lund started her on several herbs and also provided homeopathic remedies for pain relief. Susie took several herbs daily that both increased her comfort, and extended her life.

The power of the Chinese Medicine became apparent to me when I took a trip home and did not have enough of her "neck herb" (as I called it) to last the trip. After 3 days without the herb she start exhibiting symptoms of her collapsed disc in her neck. Never again did I let her go without that herb! I had a similar experience with several other herbs, including one for her intestinal tract. Towards the end of Susie's life when it was difficult to get to her to orally take the herbs, with Dr. Lund's help I was able to make tinctures with the herbs so that Susie was still able to get the benefits she needed.

In addition to finding the right combination of herbs, Dr. Lund is a resource of knowledge for holistic well-being for our animals friends and both young and old animals would benefit from her services. She was also easy to get ahold of and always called me back the same day. Dr. Lund's expertise was a blessing and Susie experienced an overall increased quality of life because of of the herbs and remedies Dr. Lund prescribed for her.


I have two cats who have suffered from various issues ranging form constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, to food allergies and high cholesterol. I had taken my cats to a western veterinarian for years. They treated him the best that they could with western medicine. My cats’ high cholesterol was a puzzle to them and they weren’t sure what they could so for them any more. A friend referred me to Dr. Lund who said she had helped her pets. I took them to her and within a few months of supplements and herbal treatments, their cholesterol was back to normal.

Dr. Cathy Lund has taken exemplary care of my two cats for several years. I have been extremely pleased with the caliber of care she has provided. She is very knowledgeable about western and eastern medicine and always has new ideas to try to help them to be their best. I always feel questions are welcome, and Dr. Lund spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether I am in the office or just speaking on the telephone.

Somehow she manages to remember my cats’ strengths and weaknesses among all her patients. When one of my pets is ill, Dr. Lund makes every effort to calm my fears while treating my pet in a gentle loving manner.

She keeps in touch on a weekly/monthly basis and I feel that we are a team as we work to get certain symptoms under control. She always displays genuine caring and concern, and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Cathy Lund for providing years of quality care to my beloved “fur babies”. I truly believe that she has saved their lives and given me many more years with them than I would have had if they had not been seen by her.

Kathy A.

I have two purebred Ragdoll cats that are six years old. One had constant urinary issues from birth. After years of taking him to vets for treatment of the symptoms, I finally decided to seek out the help of a holistic vet. I just kept thinking that there had to be something out there to prevent these constant issues. It was tough on me and tough on kitty having to take him in monthly to get treated for symptoms. Often, I would be sent home with antibiotics or he would receive a steroid injection. His symptoms would subside for a few weeks, but would always crop up a few weeks later. I was getting frustrated and just wanted my cat to be healthy and happy.

Dr. Lund has more than met my expectations when it comes to the welfare of my cats. I had a cat that was rarely eating and had constant bladder problems and now he is thriving. Dr. Lund believes in the prevention of illness, not just treating symptoms like a typical vet. Dr. Lund stresses the importance of diet- as this is the cornerstone of health. Many vets don’t concentrate on that element nearly enough, and often times, doctors who are solely dedicated to the practice of Western medicine are only trained to treat symptoms and “cure” illness. I’m glad she was able to guide me on how to easily transition the boys from a carb-heavy dry food to well-balanced wet foods that the boys now LOVE and happily eat. Since visiting Dr. Lund and making diet changes and adding supplements to their food, we have not had one single bladder flare-up.

I think the other thing I absolutely adore about Dr. Lund is her bedside manner. She absolutely LOVES these animals (as most vets do) but there is something else quite evident during office visits. She actually handles my cats as if they were her pets and not just -patients. She also is in close contact with me- hardly a week goes by when she doesn’t call or email to ask how the boys are doing . I’ve never had a vet follow up so much and show such care on my cats’ progress and health.

Jonell and Patrick