When Taylor was diagnosed with the beginnings of kidney disease, we specifically sought out a holistic vet. The conventional advice was to switch to a commercial kibble designed for declining kidney function, which seemed incomplete to us. We were left with the impression that kidney disease was to be expected in a dog of her age (almost 14), and that she was nearing the end of her life span anyway.

Dr. Lund brought a fresh approach to address Taylor's entire well-being. We appreciated her emphasis on a "whole-foods" diet, along with some new supplements. She turned us on to a "pet deli" that provides fresh, wholesome human-grade dog food, and Chinese herbs, which had not occurred to us as a treatment for dogs!

But Dr. Lund went further, and recommened a treatment for Taylor's clouded eyes. She demonstrated an interest in every aspect of Taylor's health. With her knowledge and concern, we hope to keep our old girl around for several more happy and healthy years.

Kay and Lani

Nine years ago, I had a very sick kitty. Diagnosis was kidney failure. Advanced kidney failure. Now, this wonderful cat is thriving. I seriously doubt that conventional methods would have done the same as Cathy’s holistic knowledge and dedication. Simon and I are extremely grateful.

Mary Sue P.

We decided to see Dr. Lund to try a homeopathic route for the treatment of our Westie’s allergies after we had exhausted many other costly options, including shots and drugs prescribed by specialists at the University of Minnesota and our local pet clinic. Thanks to Dr. Lund and her prescribed holistic program, Scooter has found relief from the symptoms caused by his allergies.

We fully believe in the success of holistic medicine and pleasantly surprised with the cost of the program, but using herbs is a process that can take some time. Be patient and remember that using herbs is a safe and healthy way to enhance the wellness of your pet.

It is a pleasure to be in the comfortable atmosphere of Dr. Lund’s office. Scented candles, colorful rugs and warm blankets on the exam table are all proof of the special touch and caring Dr. Lund exhibits in her work. As we sit face to face to discuss Scooter’s current health improvements and his wellness plan for the future, Scooter remains close by on a rug, showing no sign of any anxiety associated with being in a veterinary clinic.

We were most impressed with the phone calls we received from Dr. Lund to touch base on Scooter’s progress. Not only is she very knowledgeable in both conventional and holistic medicine, but she is most willing to assist in educating you in regards to your pet’s health issues as well. We could not be more pleased with the help we have received from Dr. Lund and find her a blessing for all she has done for Scooter. We know you will feel the same.

Toni & Greg

Molly initially saw Dr. Lund of Animal Wellness Center 3+ years ago for severe arthritis, suspect disc problems and irritable bowel. Traditional western veterinary medicine was clearly not helping her and actually making her symptoms worse!

Dr. Lund’s comprehensive care has improved the quality of Molly’s life ten-fold over the last 3-4 years. In addition, she is currently being treated for T-cell lymphoma (cancer) and she appears healthy and happier than ever and under Dr. Lund’s care continues to maintain a quality life. It is rare to see a thriving happy 11-year old Rottweiler!

Lastly, Dr. Lund always takes time each visit to thoroughly educate her clients to enable them to be quality caregivers for the pets that they love and cherish.

Melanie W.